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We are one of the best home health care services in Qatar. We focus on providing excellent care for elderly and newborn babies as well as post-operative and bedridden patients, ensuring their well-being with professionally trained and certified nurses in Qatar. Our extensive services include aid from the family medical center, expert nurse practitioners, and nursing assistants, supporting parent care through help with daily tasks, fall prevention, emotional support, and companionship.

Our services provide a solution to ensure that your parents receive the best elder care available. We make sure that they receive special attention and support suited to their particular needs. In addition to providing the care they need, our team is dedicated to guaranteeing that your parents experience happy and respectable lives.

Elderly Care Partnership Programs

Our Elderly Care Partnership Programs are specially designed programs to proactively enhance the health and wellness of the elderly. As patients need continuous support, this comprehensive package offers dedicated care to put families at ease. With full time service delivered by compassionate staff, this program allows for continuum of care and rehabilitation that builds a sense of independence in patients. Specialized and personal year round care helps give seniors a sense of independence, for a more comfortable treatment alternative.

Some of our services provided to the elderly but not limited to are:

  • Assisting them in activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, oral care, skin care, urine & bowel elimination etc.
  • Bed positioning for bed ridden patients (proper turning).
  • Organising maintaining their medical records.
Carer Helping Elderly Senior Woman Using Walking Frame
Masseur Massaging Little Baby's Foot, Shallow Focus


Parents go through exciting and difficult periods during pregnancy and childbirth. Both the mother and the baby need to be given extra care and consideration. We provide specialized care for newborn babies and mothers.

Our team of dedicated nursing specialists understands the necessity of providing top-notch pregnancy care and infant care services. From high-quality services in newborn baby care and after-delivery care, we focus on the health of both mother and child.

Some of the services that we can provide are :

Pregnancy health care: Includes nutrition advice, regular check-ups, prenatal tests, and maternity doctor visits.
Newborn Care: handling a newborn, including supporting the baby’s neck, massaging, bathing, dressing, swaddling, feeding and burping, cleaning the umbilical cord, caring for a healing circumcision or episiotomy, monitoring the baby’s weight, temperature, and vital signs, and providing essential newborn products such as diapers, wipes, clothes, blankets, and so on.

Postpartum care: aiding in the mother’s recovery following delivery, controlling pain and bleeding, preventing infection, boosting wound or stitch healing, and providing emotional support and counseling.

Breastfeeding support: educating on important breastfeeding advice, assisting with proper latching, positioning, and pumping, as well as addressing common problems and taking precautions.

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